Hi there! In this page, I would like to write a little bit information about me 😀

Born & Education

I was born in Jakarta, June 17th 1995 with the name Asri Setyo Mumpuni and you can call me Puni 😀

I’m 17 years old , I’m a third grade student of 50 Vocational High School Jakarta and now I’m still waiting for the announcement of the graduation and also the result of the National Examination. After that, I will continue my study to the university. Like the most student in Indonesia, of course I hope I can continue my study to the state university, in this case I mention about Jakarta State University (UNJ) where I have already listed myself to become a new student there by the SNMPTN selection. I choose accounting major as the first choice and the English Literary major as the second choice. You know, I have a big expectation that I can passed the selection and I can enter the state university. Amiiiin 🙂 😀

Blogging and Social Media

Maybe I’m a newbie in here (WordPress). I was joined in WordPress on May 2013 but actually I’m familiar with blogging media. I have a blogspot account in here. In Blogspot I start writing on June 2010. I write many things, like my school story, my interest and many more but for some reason I got bored. So I decided to stop posting article in blogspot and focus posting in here. I hope you can enjoy my article guys 🙂 😀

Oh yeah, you can found me also in twitter @punpunni or in facebook Asri Setyo Mumpuni

Music Interest

Actually I like every kind of music. Pop, rock, country or anything else that became hits at the time. But now, I’d like to listen One Direction, Demi Lovato, Avenged Sevenfold, The Script, Bruno Mars, AKB48, etc

Movie Interest

Basically, I don’t like a drama movie. I prefer to watch action, horror or epic movie such as Iron Man, Total Recall (2012), Troy, Insidious, or anything else

Sport Interest

If you ask me about what kind of sport which I like, I surely said football. I love to watch a football match and I’m a huge fan of FCBarcelona. I adore this club just like a nation. I like everything about this club, the team, the crew, the habit and the rest of this club. Of course I also have an idol, he’s Xavi Hernandez. I don’t have idea why I like this person, I just like him. Oh yeah I also like to watch Premier League. Manchester City and Chelsea are the club that I often watch their match. Of course, I’m waiting for the performance of David Silva and Juan Mata 😀 😀 Beside Football, I also like to watch MotoGP and my favorite rider is Jorge Lorenzo. And yeah sometimes, I watch F1 but not really.

And the conclusion is..

“I’m obsessed with Spain, I like everything about this Country. I hope someday I can go to this country, I can visit Barcelona and go to Camp Nou and meet some of the players. Of course I hope I can meet Xavi and maybe Jordi Alba and take a picture with them. Haha Amiiiin” 🙂 😀

And the last, I beg an apologize for my bad grammar. I’m still learning and I will always try to improve my language skills. Thanks 🙂 🙂

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